Welcome to Millennial Hippie. I am very psyched to see you here.
My name is Arjin Dogan. I was born in Mersin, Turkey in 1996. I moved to Houston, Texas when I was about 18 years old. Moving to another country for education as a young woman brought many challenges to it.

It was me vs. Life…

I could either quit because there are many challenges or I could keep fighting. Choosing the fight each time asked for a lot of encouragement at first but I believed that finding the better person in me would help me to see life from a better perspective.

Throughout the way, mindfulness became my best friend. Mindfulness practices have helped me to reduce my stress and my anxiety significantly. Before these practices, I was having variety of problems with my focus level.My daily performance was extremely low. I was feeling very insecure. This discomfort led me to negative thoughts and darkness.

The best lesson mindfulness has thought me that I am in charge of my actions 100%. Every morning I have the option to count on my blessings or my problems. Waking up to my blessings certainly was the better way of living for me. I could finally connect with myself again, I was slowly but surely becoming free from fear and judgment. This transformation brought a warm summer breeze to my heart. I became light.

Long story short, I created Millennial Hippie, to connect with you. I will share very personal stories here. The content of Millennial Hippie is going to be about self-awareness, self-growth, and self-love, because I believe every human is capable of self-love. As a Gen-X, I believe we can recover the earth by simply loving and accepting ourselves first. The rest?

It flows.

I hope you enjoy Millennial Hippie.